February 9, 2022
Today I went to the toilet for the first time in six weeks……uninterrupted.   Can you believe that it is the end of January, the kids are going back to school or in our case our kids are going to daycare together for the very first time.   It’s amazing that you can complain for six weeks as the kids are so demanding and then we send them back off to school/daycare and all of a sudden our minds think two ways. We really appreciate the time we had with them or we just complain about the little things that we allowed to consume us whilst they were off like not being able to go to the toilet without being interrupted.
Throughout the month of February I really want to make sure that I stay super present, I don’t allow the little things to annoy me but rather really focus on being grateful for what I do have and for the blessings that are still here.   I wonder if you all have locked in some goals for 2022 and whether you have had a check up on how you are traveling with those goals. For me in the industry that I’m in this year I am not doing a 12 month goal, I’m doing 90 day sprint goals which allow me to adapt and shift if need be with things that are out of my control that could affect my ability to achieve those goals.   Excited that events are starting to come through in my diary and yes there has been times where I have sought validation for my self-worth based on my schedule and my events but I feel now at peace that as long as my wife, my kids and I love me for who I am, that’s all the validation I need.
I wish you all a wonderful month ahead, keep dreaming big, stay positive, find good in everybody and keep smiling.  
Bless you all,  
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