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photo of cover for Michael Crossland's book, Everything Will Be Ok

Everything Will Be Ok - Hard copy

In this stirring memoir, Michael shares his story of hardship and challenges that many of us wouldn’t even dream of facing, and reveals how a steadfast mindset, genuine compassion, tireless drive, and unwavering optimism helped him to overcome even the strongest obstacles. It is a simple and enduring belief that everything will be OK.

photo of cover for Michael Crossland's book, Everything Will Be Ok

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Buy both Michael’s Book “Everything Will Be Ok and the Audiobook


Understanding the power of the mind is an audio book that will help shift your outlook & your outcomes. It provides real tools to have you live your life above the line and become the best version of yourself!


If we could find ourselves in a continued state of being positive and active every day, then we would be giving ourselves the best chance at success, health, and happiness. This audiobook will take you through the 3 steps that have helped me take back control of my mindset and empower me to crystalize my vision, increase my positivity & bring a greater sense of resilience into my heart. It is not rocket science and that’s why it works!


There are only three simple steps that have helped me take back my life and start to live my life with mental clarity and peace.  From helping minimise anxiety to increasing energy levels, from clearing your mind to enjoying “helper highs” this audiobook is a great tool with reminders to not just enable us to become a great employee or employer but more importantly to become a great mum, dad, friend and simply a great human being.

Bundle: 3 Audiobooks-Personal Transformation, Mental Strength and the Power of the Mind

This bundle of audiobooks gives you three powerful mindset shifting audios. Not only does it give you the power of the mind in helping us to live above the line and take back control of your thoughts and feelings but it also gives you three steps to help you get out of the darkness and back into the light along with a powerful daily routine that will see massive growth in your personal transformation.

meditation pack

Embark on a transformative journey as Michael delves into the art of meditation, offering insights, invaluable tips, and a plethora of benefits for your mind, body, and soul. 2 PDFs and 2 MP4 audio files

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