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Join Michael for a fireside chat and get a signed copy of his new book plus his three audiobooks

Fireside Chat

Join Mike’s live fireside chat and be one of the first to receive a personally signed copy of his new book before it’s released.

After many years of being asked to write another book, Michael has finally put pen to paper and it’s complete. We are excited to announce the release of Michaels second book “Everything Will Be Ok”.

To celebrate the launch we’ve decided to do a live fireside chat via zoom so people from around the world can hear a little of his inspiring story, understand more about the new book but also for you to have the unique opportunity to delve deep and ask him any burning questions you may have.

For every ticket sold we will be giving you not only a signed copy of his new book but also will be providing you with a free copy of all 3 of his audiobooks:

The power of the Mind
3 Steps to unlocking mental strength
Personal Transformation

The event will be held at 7pm on Sunday the 9th of August by the incredibly talented Andrew Klein. Limited spots available and it would mean the world to Michael having you a part of the launch.

photo of cover for Michael Crossland's book, Everything Will Be Ok

Everything Will Be Ok - Hard copy

In this stirring memoir, Michael shares his story of hardship and challenges that many of us wouldn’t even dream of facing, and reveals how a steadfast mindset, genuine compassion, tireless drive, and unwavering optimism helped him to overcome even the strongest obstacles. It is a simple and enduring belief that everything will be OK.

Autobiography - Kid's Don't Get Cancer

Michael Crossland’s Autobiography. More than just a book, it’s a searingly honest account of Michael’s journey so far.


Understanding the power of the mind is an audio book that will help shift your outlook & your outcomes. It provides real tools to have you live your life above the line and become the best version of yourself!

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