I truly believed I was going to die

April 7, 2020
Sometimes we have a situation that occurs in our life that makes us think on a deeper level than ever before!  I was recently on an incredibly turbulent flight, so much so that the pilot spoke to all the passengers once we had landed letting us know that it was the worst flight she has flown in over 20 years. Let’s just say the stomach was regularly in our throats and many of the sick bags were full.   It got me thinking about faith… I am not talking about a godly faith even though I have that but more like a physical faith. I had complete faith that the pilot will get us down safely. I had Faith that my driver will get me safely to my event, even more so I have faith regularly that the doctors and surgeons will get the job done! It’s crazy that we have no idea what type of day they have had, how they are emotionally and physically yet we have faith in them and we are not in control of them.  And the one person who we are in control of, the person who does control our emotions and our actions we don’t have faith in and that is the person that looks back at us in the mirror each day.   “We spend our life comparing our behind the scenes pain and suffering to other people’s highlight reels” that are displayed for the world to see on social media and we wonder why we have anxiety or insecurities about the life we live.   We must have faith in who we are, we must have faith in our actions and behaviour and we must have faith that the dots of life will eventually join up and bring us to that ultimate destination.    We need to reflect daily and think to ourselves are today’s actions leading us closer or further away from where we want our life to take us.    Remember that the sad news is “life is short” but the great news is “we are the captain”. Take control of your life, be accountable of your actions and take your world to new heights.

From my family and I to you all, we wish you a beautiful festive season and may 2020 be one that is filled with joy, happiness and great health   Stay blessed & have faith.
With smiles and passion in creating inspiration daily. Michael Crossland
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