Daily habits are critical!

April 7, 2020

Can you believe February is almost over. I hope that your year has started off well, traction is starting to happen and you have humility and determination at the centre of all that you do.

Super excited to share that I have been asked to be the closing speaker for Tony Robbins in Melbourne, April 16th. If you are around, I would love to see you there.

Today, I really wanted to touch on the importance of forming positive daily habits. It’s difficult to live a life of joy and happiness when you’re constantly tired, grumpy and overworked.

Forming positive daily habits can help to cultivate a structured lifestyle giving you a sense of purpose, pride, self value, and a life filled with abundance. 

For me I have a three non negotiables when it comes to forming good habits.

Morning and evening routines are critical. This not only sets you up for a productive and powerful day but as bedtime draws nearer, if we engage in a wind-down ritual that wraps up the day and prepares us for restful sleep without the mind racing.

# Mindful eating daily – Mindful eating is very pleasant. We sit and enjoy what it is that we have prepared. We are aware of the people surrounding us. We are aware of the food on our plates and most of all we are grateful.

I read a powerful story recently about a man who unintentioanly practices mindful eating each day because food was so scarce when he was a boy.

He said that when any of his friends were eating an apple, they would yell out his name, That meant that he was able to eat the core of the apple. He went on and said that, if they liked him, they would leave him some of the apple instead of only having seeds. Throughout this mans life, he demonstrated an appreciation for every person he interacted with, for every bite of food, and for every day. When I heard this story it gave me just a glimpse into why and how he developed such an appreciation.

Today, few would dream of eating the core of an apple, especially one already chewed up. So next time you sit down to eat, be grateful for what is in front of you, be grateful that you have food to eat and not the core of an apple that has already been chewed. 

Home maintenance – I love to live in a home that is clean, tidy and in order. I make a point to ensure the dishes are done, the floors are clean, the toys are put away. But when I refer to home maintenance I am not just talking about health and cleanliness but also relationships within my home. I take stock regularly with my wife, making the effort to have weekly date nights, open discussions, communicate regularly on what is working and not working and most importantly being present and not distracted by TV or social media. I don’t think you can be the best version of yourself when the people you love the most are put to the back of the priority queue. To be a great father and provider I need to be a great husband and to be a great husband requires work.

Remember, You are perfect exactly as you are and have every right to feel joyful about who you are and your life. No matter how unworthy you think you are, celebrate yourself completely with love. You are a magnificent soul. And finally no matter how little we may have by material standards, we can still celebrate what we do have. It is often the smallest things that mean the most. True riches do not reside in objects or things outside of ourselves, rather in how we relate to them

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