Michael has been speaking and working in the corporate sector for 10 years. His ability to tailor his messages to the challenges that the corporate sector faces daily is extremely powerful and gives real ideas and real principles that help reshape not just attitudes but their outlook on both their personal and professional lives.

Michael is regularly asked to not only provide keynote presentations, but to also utilise his extensive skills delivering customer service and sales health checks including:

  • 1 on 1 sessions
  • Team building activities
  • Customer service reviews
  • Sales training and development
  • Sales and service audits
  • Customer perception checks

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The main objective behind the S.M.I.L.E Program is to inspire students, staff and leaders to give them a greater understanding, tools, skills and knowledge to truly make a difference both within their working environment and beyond.

It was designed originally for the education department to reduce bullying and to create a better environment for students and teachers to learn and grow, to enhance the environment where young people feel safe, valued, engaged and purposeful. However, after it was delivered to several schools the corporate world heard about it and it was tailored to suit this environment. It has now been rolled out to Mercedes Benz dealerships, Health Clubs, Professional sporting teams, schools and colleges throughout Australia and the United States.

The program is driven around 5 key words:

  • Support
  • Mentor
  • Inspire
  • Lead
  • Encourage

These words are explored in-depth, providing a greater understanding as to how to put these words into action. Particularly, how to uplift staff and employees; and students and teachers to create a more friendly and supportive environment.

Here are just a few reasons why Michael designed this program:

  • Approximately one in four Australian students report being bullied every week.
  • Frequent school bullying was highest among Year 8 (29%) students.
  • 84% of students who were bullied online were also bullied offline.
  • Hurtful teasing was the most prevalent of all bullying behaviours experienced by students, followed by having hurtful lies told about them.
  • 1/4 of students fear walking through the school gates Monday through Friday
  • Students who are bullied are three times more likely to show symptoms of depression
  • 250,000 teens report being bullied each month. These are the ones who report it.

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