Appreciate the little things

April 3, 2020

Well how much has the whole world changed in such a short space of time. It just shows how fragile we are and how things can dramatically transform in the blink of an eye.   I wanted to take a moment to check in with you all, to connect (at a social acceptable distance) and to send a little love.   I’m sure you have had updates from everyone telling you what to do, wash your hands, self isolate, government this government that. As much as we are all told to self-isolate we are all in this together. Every one of us so we need to stick together.    For most of us our first human emotion is to turn to fear which is understandable with so much uncertainty in the world! How I cope with this emotion is through ensuring I am moved daily. I think that when the chips are down if we can get moved, get inspired, get motivated, to keep fighting, this can have an overwhelming impact on our ability to never give up, step forward with a greater sense of optimism and resilience.

I challenge you each morning to identify what it is that moves you. It could be a listening to a certain style of music, watching an inspirational video, exercising, praying, reviewing your goals, whatever it is that get the emotions flowing. Find what it is that is going to pump you up and have you ready to run through that brick wall and come out of this global challenge with renewed gratitude and humility towards life itself.

This is an opportunity to begin to appreciate the little things that we take for granted daily.

I say to Covid19:

  • You made me realise that the earth needs to heal
  • You made me realise how much I love cooking
  • You made me finish the work that needed to be done
  • You made me appreciate my family, friends and even my parents and how fragile they are
  • You made me build new relationships I never had
  • You pushed my creativity to new heights and had me finish my online training program
  • You made me appreciate not only doctors & nurses but also the people that get overlooked like grocery store workers
  • You put a smile on my sons face because I am home
  • You made me realise that life can be gone in the blink of an eye

Just like the new growth of leaves on the trees after the fires, so is the opportunity for beautiful personal growth that can shine through this darkness.

I know this is an anxious time for many of us however now is the time we need to unite and have each other’s backs.

God bless you,

With smiles and sanitised hands,

Michael Crossland

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