As one of Australia’s most sought after inspirational speakers Michael has defied the odds of a life threatening cancer to build his life of exceptional achievements. 

In the last 12 months Michael has presented in front of over 250,000 people around the globe. His journey has been shared on many TV programs including Fox Sports, MTV, ABC, Channel Seven & Nine networks, Full Potential TV, The Get Inspired Project, Inspire Me Today program and countless radio shows throughout the world.

He truly is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and along with the award winning documentary on Australian Story about his remarkable life with over 4 million viewers he has released his first ‘tell all’ autobiography, which is now a number 1 bestseller across 6 different countries. 

Michael recently featured in a humanitarian documentary about the countless lives saved through his orphanage and school in Haiti. He believes that the gift of giving can truly transform this world.

He speaks to audiences no matter the size and inspires each individual to achieve ongoing positive change in their lives and understand the power of perspective.

Here’s what you will experience with one of Michael’s presentations:

  • Michael is an expert in not only optimism and resilience, but walking the talk. 
  • His life has been filled with adversity & overwhelming odds being told more than 4 times throughout his life that he was going to die, yet has not let that get in the road of achieving unbelievable heights.
  • His story is put simply an emotion roller coaster of courage, yet his message demonstrates the strength that one has within & demonstrates the choice we all have to continue living as a victim or to make a choice to take control make the change and become a navigator.
  • He is an extremely in demand inspirational speaker around the world and has the ability to instil hope and passion into lives with tools, stories and amazing outcomes. 
  • His story at times will be heart wrenching, however in the same sentence will have you laughing to tears, but the overarching message of refusing to let adversity define you is simply life changing
  • Michael provides the tools and the mindset to be resilient, optimistic, face your fears and to achieve goals and dreams that we may have once thought was unreachable
  • Exceeding audiences numbers over 250,000 this past year Michael will no doubt put a tear in your eye and a smile in your heart


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