Replace Materialism with Love and Hope

Replace Materialism with Love and Hope

As the Christmas season approaches, our anxiety levels in relation to gift giving begin to rise.  For many, Christmas brings with it panic about what to buy, how much to spend, will he or she like our gift. Perhaps it is time to replace this focus on materialism with a focus on support and hope.

Australia has more than 130,000 homeless people who are constantly in need of support.  Food in their stomach, a blanket to keep them warm, a shoulder to lean on and most importantly, the feeling that someone cares.  It is time that we begin to understand that giving is not so much about the material, but rather the passion and purpose. Too often today we give to get in return, as opposed to give to make a difference. This festive season it is time to give people a piece of our heart and not a piece of our mind.

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