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Jun 12,2017
Replace Materialism with Love and Hope As the Christmas season approaches, our anxiety levels in relation to gift giving begin to rise.  For many, Christmas brings with it panic about what to buy, how much to spend, will he or she like our gift. Perhaps it is time to replace this focus on materialism with a focus on support and hope. Australia ... MORE >
Jun 12,2017
Don’t Set Yourself to Fail In 2017… Each year It is critical that we take time to reflect on how far we have come, instead of how far we still have to go! Read more from my blog here MORE >
Jun 12,2017
Even the Best Need a Coach, So Why Not You? Regardless of how successful you are as an athlete or in business, there is always room for improvement.  As an athlete, if you truly want to be the best, you need a support team around you, and a coach is an integral and vital part of that team. Read more ... MORE >