Michael was moved to tears on his first journey to Haiti with Frontier Projects Inc. where he joined a group of people who too had the desire to bring hope and happiness to the less fortunate as they rebuilt a school for 120 young kinds in the earthquake ravaged Haiti.

When returning back down the mountain, Michael’s heart was shattered as he went past an orphanage that would forever change his life. Kids with no food, no water, no education and such little hope for a future, Michael was committed to bring about positive change and help create a better life for these beautiful children that had lost so much. He returned to Australia and with the Frontier Projects team raised a substantial amount of money, enough to rebuild the orphanage from the ground up. View the documentary of Michael’s return visit to rebuild not just the orphanage but the lives of the less fortunate in Haiti!



Frontier Projects is an Australian- based registered charity that seeks to meet the needs and relieve the suffering, illness, poverty and helplessness of children and families in distress. They establish relationships with leaders in developing nations and work together with them to bring lasting and sustainable change.

With a large base of community of volunteers, Frontier Projects has a common goal to bring educational opportunities and sustainable solutions to youth and families in poverty, those without shelter, those lacking hope for a future life free of deprivation, children and adolescents involuntarily caught up in trafficking and those who lack basic human dignities and opportunities. They seek to meet these needs without regard to race, culture or religious persuasion.

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