Camp Quality was established in 1983 as a children’s family cancer charity.

Its purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. CQ believe in improving the quality of life for children living with cancer and their families through unrelenting optimism and the healing power of laughter.

Michael joined the Camp Quality family at the young age of three, as the youngest Camper to ever attend Camp Quality. Now he is not only a companion that looks after kids on Camp, but he became a National Ambassador in 2012. He is a very proud, passionate and dedicated Ambassador sharing his words of wisdom, message of hope and journey of defying the odds in support of an organisation that he says saved his life with the emotional and financial support throughout the major health challenges he faced.

Founder, Vera Entwistle, immigrated to Australia from the United States. Before leaving the States, Vera read about a program designed to provide support to the families of children living with cancer. Part of the support provided was a commitment to bring fun and laughter back into their lives. On her arrival, Vera dedicated her time to establishing a similar program. The program was created based on the idea to bring together a group of children living with cancer at a camp, where they could participate in activities that they may have missed out on because of their illness. A doctor gave Vera the idea for a name when he told her, “No-one can do anything about the quantity of anyone’s life, but all of us can do something about the quality.” From this Camp Quality was born. In September 1983, 38 children and 38 volunteers attended the first camp outside of Sydney at Vision Valley. Now, Camp Quality operates programs in every State and Territory throughout Australia. 13 offices run over 240 camps and fun days and perform to over 250,000 school children each year.

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