Outside Michael travelling the world sharing his message, he also is the tour manager of the Australian Expos Baseball team. A touring baseball program that has been running for over 25 years.

The Expos program has been developed to changing lives and was founded by the great man John Murray known around the globe as JM. Michael’s dream as a young child growing up with cancer was always to one day play baseball in America. This dream was achieved many times due to this amazing program and this wonderful man who passed away many years ago. Now, as the tour manager, it is Michael’s vision to bring hope and inspiration to young athletes and help them make their dreams a reality.

The program is based on the three A principal, firstly your Attitude, Academic Achievement and then Ability. This philosophy has worked amazingly well over the past 25 years seeing over 590 Australian athletes have the opportunity of playing the game they love in the home of baseball, the USA. The program has had over 20 athletes sign professional contracts and many more attend school and colleges to further their education and desire of playing the game they love.

Michael is so passionate about making dreams come true for others as he knows living your dreams is one thing but helping others live there’s is life changing. Three years ago Michael had the great honour of taking a young cancer patient over, allowing him to live his dream of playing baseball in America and in 2013 he surprised the Runner Up of Channel Ten’s TV show, The Biggest Loser, Todd Nester who at the young age of 14 was the youngest ever contestant on the TV show. Losing a massive 38kg in just 4 months.

Watch Michael surprising Todd with his dream:

Watch the video of the 2012 Tour:



Michael is also the head broadcaster and TV host for the Australian Baseball Leagues Sydney team the Bluesox, you will see him live at throughout the Australian summer with his co-host and best friend Chris Hauso from California.

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