The Most Interesting Person I Know

The Most Interesting Person I Know

Recently Michael was featured in a special book called the Most Interesting Person I Know (MIPIK) by Stephanie Hunt.

From what initially started as an outlet for Stephanie’s passion for writing, the MIPIK website soon became much more. Raising funds for the CanDo Cancer Trust based in Coffs Harbour, the book is on sale through the site which can be accessed here.

Here’s a snippet of the feature on Michael in the book; “Councillor Kerry Hines has no doubts that Michael Crossland is the most interesting person she has met on the Coffs Coast. She thinks his story is not just interesting, but inspiring. Turns out she is right. Not only is Michael’s story inspiring, but he is literally making a career out of helping to motivate and inspire others through the power of his own story.”

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